Mobello Design

Mobello is distinguished by three distinct design directions: one defined by an organic aesthetic (Uniqa Design), another characterized by a sleek linear style (Primera Design), and a third that artfully blends elements of both, offering our clientele a diverse range of choices to suit their unique preferences.

Uniqa Design

Uniqa is where nature meets art to create unique furniture that reflects the essence of luxury and authenticity. Each piece from our collections of cabinets, tables, and chairs is characterized by an organic style and an uncompromising dedication to detail, making Uniqa the right choice for those who value creativity. Inspired by the inexhaustible wealth of nature, the Uniqa design is distinguished by integrated wooden handles that resonate with our desire to infuse every space with a sense of warmth and connection to nature.

The organic form and our ‘out of the box’ design approach reflect our wish to defy the standard, focusing on the use of wood in its purest form. Our commitment to minimalism and harmony between man-made elements and the natural world creates an inspiring space. With Uniqa, you gain a haven from everyday life, where functionality meets art, and luxury arises from authenticity and a passion for details.

Moku Design

Through Moku design, the past and present converge in a unique style, creating furniture that epitomizes the perfection of functionality and elegance.
Our Moku design offers a harmonious blend of mid-century aesthetics with modern minimalism, enriched by the warmth of Scandinavian design and the inspirational simplicity of the Bauhaus school. Characteristic rounded lines and clean forms embody a philosophy where minimalism meets functionality, with each piece of furniture narrating the balance between bygone eras and contemporary trends.

Our furniture collections encompass all typologies, offering a wide array of choices for crafting the perfect living space. From tables to sofas, traditional values merge with a modern twist, providing something for every taste. Discover how Moku can transform your space, bringing a unique blend of history, innovation, and style. It provides not just a place to live, but a space that encourages creativity, comfort, and personal expression, making every corner a place where you want to be.

Primera Design

The Primera design reflects a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. With rounded edges and sophisticatedly carved handles, devoid of any metal, each piece exudes Scandinavian charm and emphasizes the natural beauty of solid wood, transforming your space into a true oasis of peace and comfort. The furniture legs, gently curved outward, add a subtle elegance and create a visual

Mid-sized products allow for versatility, making them an ideal choice for various homes and spaces. Geometric shapes and clean lines highlight our dedication to working with wood, while every detail is carefully considered to achieve the perfect balance between style and functionality. Begin your journey through elegant design with Primera, your first step towards furniture that defines space, complementing every room with its unique character. Experience how Primera brings harmony, warmth, and functionality, creating an ambiance, that reflects your values through the touch of Scandinavian beauty and practicality.