Our furniture is more than just a product, it’s a representation of our values,
and it’s something that we stand by. We bring you serenity of home, virtues of
master craftsman, and purity of heart.

Mobello Family


At the heart of Mobello beats a heritage nearly a century old. Every piece of our furniture is the voice of past generations, an echo of a rich and noble past. We represent the confluence of traditional craftsmanship and modern vision. Our furniture is more than a mere item in your space, it is a witness to life’s unfolding stories and a keeper of history. Each piece is a chapter of your story that we write together with love and commitment. So when you touch a piece of Mobello furniture, you are not simply feeling wood and fabric. You are connecting with a heritage that endures


At the heart of our craftsmanship are our maestros, bearers of long-standing practices and skills they’ve adopted and perfected, preserving the knowledge of past generations. Their expert touch endows our products with a distinctive mark, particu larly evident in the finishing touches, for which we’ve become a symbol of quality in the eyes of our clients. Our manufacturing process is meticulous and attentive. From selecting the finest wood to applying modern finishing techniques, every step in our creation process is interwoven with their expertise, ensuring that each product is not just a piece of furniture but a work of art. It’s a fusion of master craftsmanship and materials.


At Mobello, every piece of furniture tells a story of sustainability and responsibility towards our planet. Our production approach reflects a profound respect for nature, where each step we take emphasizes our commitment to environmental awareness. Through our creations, we not only give back to nature but also cultivate new forests, contributing to the health of our environment. We can proudly say that we’ve planted over 350,000 trees and continue our efforts, contributing to forest restoration and reducing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Besides planting new trees, we also pay attention to seed selection, choosing acorns and walnut fruits, which are fundamental to our production.

Considered Design

Mobello furniture is founded on the philosophy of considered design, a belief that emphasizes how design, regardless of the shape or size of the object, serves the purpose of enhancing people’s daily lives. Our furniture is not merely created to occupy space, it is envisioned to breathe soul and character into your home, transforming every corner into an oasis of comfort and style.

Mobello creates more than just furniture. From the Scandinavian aesthetics of the Primera design, bringing light and airiness into the home, to the organic style of Uniqa design evoking natural forms, to the symbiosis of classic and modern evident in every detail of the Moku design. We create pieces where design serves people,
not people serving design. From line to texture, our designers not only envision but also craft functional items that withstand the test of time and become timeless.