Erste Dining Chair

Design by: Jelena Grubor

At first glance, its robust look exudes strength, while it actually hides
incredible comfort. This lovely chair is designed to make every meal
a special experience, it combines the comfort of an armchair with the
practicality of a chair, so you can relax and make every meal a special

Designers Choice Materials

Selected top quality materials that underscore the aesthetics and functionality of each furniture piece.

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Designers Choice: Solid Oak (Malibu Oil)   Solid Walnut (Twilight Oil)


In this section, you will find all the detailed technical specifications of this product. Explore precise dimensions, materials, finishes, and other key features that define the quality and durability of our solid wood furniture.

Width: 550 mm 22"
Height: 800 mm 31"
Depth: 509 mm 20"


In this section, you can download all available architectural files for this product. Access detailed drawings, 3D models, and other resources that will assist you in accurately planning and integrating our solid wood furniture into your projects.

Product match

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Naziv proizvoda

Naziv proizvoda

Naziv proizvoda