In the balance: the story of the Linea credenza

At Mobello, we have created a versatile collection of furniture pieces that work in harmony together but also tell their own individual story. The Linea credenza is a perfect example of this.

Crafted from solid hardwood, its design is intended as an optical illusion – a robust rectangular cabinet sits off-center atop a lightweight diagonal base, appearing to defy the laws of gravity. While its top displays all the hallmarks of the mid-century modern style used throughout Moku’s collection – simplicity and symmetry, rounded corners, and honesty of materials – its angular, visually light base defies this order and leaves the viewer questioning how it keeps its balance.

The intriguing design is the work of Moku designer Lidija Petricevic, who was inspired by La Linea, an Italian animated series created by the Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli where the main character the objects he encounters are drawn as a single outline of an infinite line. In the Linea credenza, this sense of infinity is captured in the diagonal line of the base, which is continued as a detail that stretches across the right-hand door.

Elsewhere in the collection, the Linea’s diagonal line is echoed in other pieces – the back leg of the Mila armchair, for example – while the combination of visually heavy and lightweight forms can be seen in the reverse in the Nomu coffee table. These small details create a subtle but strong visual thread, uniting the pieces to have a dialogue within an interior.

“When I’m designing I’m always thinking about the end user – the person who will have this piece in their home,” explains Lidija, an architect by training and the author of multiple Moku pieces. “Somehow the design process really relaxes me. Everyday life can be hectic but when I work on furniture design I get into my zone. It makes me really calm. I want people to have that same feeling of calmness and happiness when they look at each piece.”

Providing ample storage, the credenza’s four drawers and door are organized in a pleasing clean-lined grid, while rounded corners lend it a soft appearance. Touch latches provide a seamless user experience and make every interaction easy and effortless.

Like all of Moku’s furniture, Linea is made with care, love, and meticulous attention to detail in Bosnia by craftsmen who take a slow and mindful approach to making. In particular, the Linea’s long and low profile took much finessing in terms of physical and visual balance – too long and it could topple but too short and it lost its mid-century modern appeal. Crafted entirely from solid hardwood, Linea is preserved with natural oils only, letting the unique pattern of the wood take center stage.

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